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prince of 10,000 warriors

seeker of the sun - nunh - tribe leader - warrior of light

general information


he/him . nonbinary .

  • seeker of the sun: j tribe, ala ghiri, gyr abania

  • age: (post endwalker) 24

  • height: 4'6"

  • cat of inspiration: caracal

  • polyamorous

  • current occupation: warrior of light, tribe leader

  • hobbies: goldsmithing, hunting, combat training, designing glamour plates with tataru

  • alignment: chaotic good, enfp-a

current status (post endwalker): married, 2nd kit on the way (first trimester)



it is said the j tribe of gyr abania are descendants of azeyma's guardian lions with prestige blood running through their lineage. with that title many members become warriors or high ranking bodyguards.
born to j'aeger juice and j'amba nunh under a bright pink sunrise, j'uicy's future was sealed as he was to become the next tribe leader and nunh of the clan. he grew up in the trading hub of ala ghiri for the first few years of his life, learning the languages of beasts and the old, becoming a talented linguist even as a child. his father j'aeger taught him the ways of desert hunting as tribe leader, teaching his child survival was of utmost importance. originally hailing from thavnair, his second father j'amba taught him the ways of dance and beauty. after the eternal bonding of his fathers, the size of the clan surpassed the fringes' m tribe of whom j'aeger had close relations with m'aht nunh. subsequently a young j'uicy met m'zhet and declared they will become mates when they become of age.
due to garlean troops occupying the city and demanding the j tribe warriors join their forces, j'aeger and j'amba sent j'uicy to the forgotten springs to be looked after and raised by the u tribe's leader, u'odh nunh due to his particular bloodline and untapped aertherical potential. growing up hearing (albeit forced) tales of the company of heroes u'odh was once part of, j'uicy left for limsa lominsa once he turned 17, knowing that someday he would return home and help defeat the empire and ascend to tribe leader.

a realm reborn ☼ : a novice fighter, j'uicy took on odd jobs around la noscea to learn the ways of combat and take on the role of apprentice in the marauder's guild. after meeting y'shtola he was thrust into the role of warrior of light completely unaware of what was happening almost at any given moment. after defeating the ultimate weapon he proceeded to meet and work alongside g'raha tia to unlock the secrets of the crystal tower. first perceiving him as a bookwyrm j'uicy was devastated to watch g'raha seal the tower before him, unbeknownst to him the latter had fallen deeply in love with the warrior of light.

heavensward ☼ : taking refuge in ishgard, j'uicy took up his role as a fleet footed dancer as he traveled across the dravanian lands. charmed by aymeric de borel's fortitude and loyalty, j'uicy bedded the noble and they later married in secret; it is not official and due to their busy schedules they only meet during meetings of the eorzean alliance. after receiving hraesvelgr's eye and defeating nidhogg, the great wyrm's power began to activate j'uicy's latent aetherical manipulation, changing his left eye to a glowing yellow hue no similar to the sun. unfortunately, after the end of the thousand year war, word gets to j'uicy that his fathers had fallen to the garlean empire leaving him the heir to a dying clan.

stormblood ☼ : traveling beyond the borders of aldenard, j'uicy found himself back in his homeland. after reaching the peering stones in the fringes, he also found his long lost childhood friend, m'zhet tia. however, spurred by rage and revenge at the loss of his two fathers, j'uicy scorned m'zhet's inability to defeat m'rahz nunh and become the m tribe's nunh. after traveling to kugane j'uicy was reunited with one of his half siblings, one of many sired by j'amba during his travels as a high ranking courtesan. realizing he still has a family, he hastily courted m'zhet and they were eternally bonded.

shadowbringers ☼ : after arriving on the first, j'uicys ability to read and manipulate aether burst forth, causing him great headaches and memory loss. unaware of the exarch's true identity until the end, he believed he was his love m'zhet tia. after consuming so much light aether and almost transforming into a sineater, j'uicy developed an intense fear of the light; this brought an immense amount of emotional toil on top of the inability to grieve for his own pain and loss.

endwalker ☼ : returning to the source, after rejecting g'raha's proclamation of love for him due to feeling manipulated during the events of shadowbringers, j'uicy was able to reunite with m'zhet briefly before leaving for old sharlayan. during the events of endwalker j'uicy's old feelings begin to burn for g'raha and he finally returns his affections before facing the endsinger. zenos declares j'uicy is pregnant during their fight.

post-endwalker ☼ : j'uicy gives birth to his and m'zhet's kit still recovering months after his fight with zenos. he also eternally bonds with g'raha, m'zhet also bonds with the scion.